Bungie’s Destiny will be receiving a hotfix today. At 9:30 AM PST, you’ll be brought back to the login screen to install the hotfix. If by 2 AM PST you haven’t installed the hotfix, then you’ll be logged out of any activities in order to run it. This is to ensure that any avid raiders aren’t pulled out of their activities prematurely.

Iron Banner will be going live at 10 AM PST but the fix is aimed at more than the end-game PvP event. According to community manager Cozmo on Twitter, the hotfix will make changes to Silver Dust, a currency used to purchase Ornaments for cosmetic purposes. Currently, end-game armour like Trials of Osiris and Wrath of the Machine gear require Silver Dust to apply Ornaments but with the hotfix, this requirement will be removed.

Bungie also noted on its official Twitter that it will bring “quality of life improvements, a Crucible Map fix” and more with the hotfix. What else can be expected? We’ll keep you updated so stay tuned for more information.

Source: Rheena.com