• Cronus PRO Plugins

Cronus PRO Plugins

The Cronus PRO functionalities can be extended with plugins. A plugin can access and modify the data exchanged between a game controller and the console, allowing the creation of a very wide range of applications. The following plugins all come pre-installed with the latest version of Cronus PRO.
The MAX Combo Plugin is extremely useful; let's say you have a modded controller from a company that says their Jitter Mod is one of a kind and impossible to copy and no one else has it. With MAX Combo you can record it and convert to an editable GPC script in seconds!
The MAX Mapper Plugin enables you to easily remap any buttons, analog sticks or sensors to accurately customize the controller layout for any game, as well as sensitivity adjustments for any button and advanced sensitivity adjustments for analog sticks.
The MAX Rec Plugin allows you to record any sequence of commands that you perform on the controller and then reproduce this sequence, for example you can record an extremely difficult Guitar Hero sequence and then send the file to a friend who may be having trouble passing a particular stage.
The X-AIM Plugin enables you to directly interface a Windows PC with your games console, enabling you to use a keyboard & mouse, racing wheel, flightstick, fight stick, joystick and many, many more controllers that are otherwise not directly compatible with the CronusMAX PLUS.