GamePack Configuration Interface (GCI)

GamePacks can have a set of settings for customization. The settings are usually made using the controller, as explained in the GamePack instructions. However, you can also customize a GamePack using the configuration interface, by clicking on the slot number associated to the GamePack. This allows you to pre-configure all of your settings without having to use the in-game menu system saving you lots of time.
GamePack Configuration Interface (GCI)
Configuration type: Choose One Value
1. Configuration type: Choose One Value
Each configuration is displayed in an easy drop-down list that allows you to choose one value from a list of available options. When a new value is selected this is the value that will be programmed to the CronusMAX PLUS and used by your controller.
Configuration type: Enter a Value
2. Configuration type: Enter a Value
Configuration in a spinner, also known as a numeric up/down, allows the user adjust a value in an adjoining text box by either clicking on an up or down arrow or by holding an arrow down. Thus causing the value in the text box to increase (if the up arrow is held down) or decrease (if the down arrow is held down). The value of the spinner is displayed in a text box next to the spinner, allowing the user to use the spinner to adjust the value, or to type the value into the text box. For an explanation on the meanings of these adjustable parameters, and the effect they have with your weapons - click here
Enable Configuration
3. Enable Configuration
Check this option to include this configuration when programming the CronusMAX PLUS device slots.
The slot settings on the CronusMAX PLUS will be overwritten by the current configuration, the changes made directly on the controller itself using the menu system as inctructed in each GamePack will not be reflected in the Configuration Interface.

GamePack Instructions
4. GamePack Instructions
The instructions of how to use each GamePack can be accessed by clicking the help button.  If it cannot locate the manual page, run the Manual Updater to ensure you have the latest version of the manual chm help file.
Reset Configuration
5. Reset Configuration
You can reset the GamePack settings to their default values by clicking on this button. A warning message box will pop-up to confirm the operation