ATTENTION: Xbox Wireless & Bluetooth, Headsets and Integrated PlayStation Bluetooth are all supported with the new >>> Cronus Zen <<<
We know that the CronusMAX PLUS can do pretty much anything when it comes to video game controllers, but in order to pack this much functionality into one affordable device there are a few minor limitations that we wish to make you aware of:
1. An Xbox One/Xbox 360 controller is required for the initial setup on an Xbox console. This is for authentication purposes and to keep everything 100% legal and also undetectable on Xbox Live as it "borrows" the original controllers security signature - which there are billions of combinations.  The controller must be wired so with the Xbox One Wireless Controller you can use an Xbox One play and charge usb cable or any compatible micro usb cable. An Xbox 360 play and charge kit will not work as it doesn’t send any data. This needs to be done manually every time the consoles power is cycled, or it's done automatically if you use a compatible USB Hub (Firmware 1.20+). Once a controller has been used for the authentication procedure, it cannot be used on the console as a second controller while the CronusMAX is in use as its unique security ID is stored until the CronusMAX PLUS is disconnected as the console cannot use two controllers with the same security ID at the same time. As a rule it’s always best to have a second spare controller on hand for authenticating.
2. A Bluetooth USB Adapter is required when using a PS4, PS3 or Wiimote wireless controller. (You can purchase a compatible USB Bluetooth Adapter from our factory outlet HERE).
3. A Xbox 360 Microsoft wireless receiver is required when using an Xbox 360 Wireless controller. (You can purchase an Xbox 360 wireless receiver from our factory outlet HERE). There is currently no support for the Xbox One wireless receiver - you are still able to connect an Xbox One wireless controller to the CronusMAX PLUS with a full data micro USB cable.
4. Due to how the CronusMAX communicates with the DS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers, you will not be able to use a chatpad or any wired headsets that plug into the controller itself. However, any headset that can connect directly to the console either wired or wireless should fine work as long as it does not plug into the CronusMAX PLUS, or into a controller that is being utilized by the CronusMAX PLUS at that current time. Click HERE for a list of compatible headsets and solutions.