Logitech G25/G27/Fanatec/Supported Racing Wheels

The all new PS4 Wheel Edition Mode is a brand new system that allows you to connect most Logitech wheels including the G25 & G27 and also most Fanatec Racing Wheels to the PS4 console with the CronusMAX PLUS without a PC required to be connected and with full Force Feedback support (click here for a full list of supported wheels). The wheel is now detected by the game as an actual wheel and not a gamepad (specifically a Logitech G29 Wheel), giving tight, smooth, precise control and for the first time ever.....FORCE FEEDBACK SUPPORT! It also includes full support for gas, brake and clutch pedals and the 6 speed gear shifter. No other competitors device on the market can acheive this amazing feature.
The Force Feedback feature is absolutely stunning. Feel your tires on every turn and type of terrain, sense under and over steer drifting and more. With the PS4 Wheel Edition, you are also no longer required to have your Computer connected to the console at all times. You will never want to race with a regular controller again!
Fanatec Firmware 299 is not compatible - the LED will show an E error code. Downgrade to an earlier version such as 204 for PS4 Wheel Edition Mode compatibility.

If you wish to have a more advanced product that is specifically designed for Racing Wheels, we highly recommend the new Drive Hub. Supports most wheels, pedals and shifters including Fanatec (inc. the latest firmware), Logitech and Thrustmaster. Works on PS4, Xbox One and PS3 with full force feedback. Even supports many accessories such as the TH8A Shifter. No software or extra USB Hubs required.

Even converts Fanatec wheels to work fully with GT Sport - CLICK HERE to order.


Known Compatible PS4 Games:

(Note: Any PS4 game that supports a Logitech G29 should be compatible unless otherwise stated - here's a wiki page that is regularly updated: Click Here)
Be sure to visit our PS4 Wheel Edition Support Forums for various recommended Wheel Settings for optimum game performance.