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Topic: Cronus Community Rules *PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING*

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    Exclamation Cronus Community Rules *PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING*

    The basic ground rules for discussions on the Cronus Community Forums are simple: be polite, use common sense and read the instructions & troubleshooting guides before asking questions.

    By using this forum, you agree to abide by the following rules. Cronus Community Staff assumes all members have read these rules as instructed when joining the community.

    Cronus Community Rules

    1. This is a public community. Everyone here, including forum staff are offering their time and services free of charge so please treat everyone with respect.
    2. It's important that you post your question to the correct forum. Example, don't post to the Cronus Zen Pre-Sales forum if you already own a Zen.
    3. Do not hijack other user's topics. If you have a question, create your own topic. It'll get answered much quicker and will help others.
    4. If you post a question that is already answered in the Zen User Guide, it is likely your question will go unanswered. We find that almost every question ever asked on the forums is already answered there. Example, we see dozens of posts every day with "I cant update the firmware it says No Devices Found what do I do?" When all they had to do was look at the very first section of the Troubleshooting guide titled "No Devices Found"
    5. Anyone causing trouble, being rude, being offensive in any way whatsoever, will have their account permanently suspended.
    6. Script selling is not allowed. Period. In the 8 years we've been doing this, we have yet to find a paid script that wasn't already freely available in the Community. These scammers always claim they know more about how Cronus works than we do. Think about how ridiculous that sounds.
    7. You may not bump topics. Bumping can refer to posting useless information, posting one-liners or any other action to deliberately keep a topic hot or to bring it to the top of its forum.
    8. Make sure you post in the same language as the forum you are posting in. There are non-English forums available for those speaking French, German, Spanish, Italian & Russian.
    9. If you have a problem with a script, either ask the author of the script or post to the GPC support forum with a detailed breakdown of the issue including a copy of the script.
    10. If you require official support from paid staff, please use the Cronus Support Center. Make sure you read the Zen User Guide first, 95% of support tickets are already answered on the Troubleshooting page.

    Finally; any abuse towards our staff and/or management in any form, including foul language, will result in immediate suspension of your account without notice and without appeal. If you don't want to have your account suspended, follow the rules, we don't make this difficult

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    Updated 24 March 2014

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    Re: Cronus Community Rules *PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING*

    Updated 23 February 2021

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