Capture Mode

When running X-AIM and Capture Mode, make sure you have any other programs closed down, especially web browsers such as Firefox, as this may cause lag. You want the signal between your Keyboard and Mouse to your console to be as clean as possible.

The capture mode of X-AIM seems to be something simple, after all it is only a regular button on the toolbar. But no, it's actually the kernel of X-AIM, everything else was built around it to ensure the best keyboard and mouse gaming experience on consoles ever experienced before.
X-AIM toolbar and the capture mode button
The first thing you may notice when entering in capture mode is the absence of mouse cursor, this occurs because the keyboard and mouse is being trapped (or grabbed) by the X-AIM. You will not be able to interact with the OS, X-AIM is processing all data from the keyboard and mouse, translating this information to the GPC normalized data format. The translation process is powerful enough to enable any mapping configuration, as well as the mouse translation process, which has been highly optimized to give you all the tools need to achieve a PC like experience between your mouse movement and the in-game reticule movement. The picture below shows a high level flow chart of capture mode process.
Capture mode process flow chart
Leaving Capture Mode
To leave the capture mode just press the combination Ctrl+Esc in your keyboard.
Despite the keyboard being trapped in capture mode, some OS key combinations cannot be blocked, like Ctrl+Alt+Del and Alt+Tab. And if, for any reason, the X-AIM window loses focus, the capture mode will automatically end.