Tournament Edition

The Tournament Edition disables all features that may gives users an unfair advantage such as scripts, macros and gamepacks. Cross-over controller and automatic button remapping are fully supported in this mode.
Tournament Edition
To program Operational Modes you have to be connected to the Internet.

Programming the Tournament Edition
1.1 First, we are assuming that your CronusMAX is hooked up to your PC as instructed in the Quick Start Guide. Open the Cronus Operational Wizard and select 'Tournament Edition', then click Next.
1.2 The files for your CronusMAX PLUS will be downloaded and algorithms calculated to match to your devices serial number.
1.3 DO NOT REMOVE THE DEVICE WHILE PROGRAMMING! If the programming of the CronusMAX PLUS is successful, and it only takes around 5 seconds, you will see the following screen. Click Finish.
1.4 If everything is successful, the Cronus PRO Status Bar will change to reflect the new Operational Mode.
1.5 Your CronusMAX PLUS will also show a 't' on the LED display when in use to signify that all Scripts/GamePacks have been disabled.


Feedback so far from Pro Players Beta testing the new Tournament Mode firmware....

"This is 100% better, feels like there’s no CronusMax plugged in which is the main goal!"
"Definitely feels a lot better if any delay at all. Thank you."
"Only used these settings in a FFA and feel much much Better"
"Feels a lot better good job"
"These settings definitely feel a lot better than before."
"I wouldn't even know the Cronus was being used - amazing difference!"

Call of Duty World League Tournament Players are using the CronusMAX as it enables the DS4 to be used as a wired controller and bypasses the Bluetooth, which was causing major communication issues and almost caused a number of tournaments to be cancelled. CM's are being used at the CoD World League Tournaments to eliminate the Bluetooth issue and have better performance by eliminating lag. Note: All mods and scripts are 100% disabled when in Tournament Mode.

1. First make sure the CronusMAX PLUS firmware is updated to at least v1.24
2. Set the Cronus Operational Mode to Tournament Mode (it must be at least v1.24 TE)
3. The Device Options MUST be set as follows - pay close attention to the Speed Up Settings (Event organizers will pre-configure these too).
Naturally you should also be using a high quality, low latency Micro USB cable, for best results no more than 6ft/1.8m in length. You don't have to get anything crazy expensive, my personal favorite is from Amazon and made by Anker. It's a great quality braided cable with 24K gold plated connectors.