Direct Input and Game Controller Settings

X-AIM enables Direct Input binding to the controller layout, allowing you to use any game controller that can connect to your PC through the Direct Input interface. This includes racing wheels such as the Thrustmaster and other non-standard flight sticks, fight sticks, joysticks etc that are not usually compatible with the CronusMAX PLUS out of the box, etc. Just bind the Direct Input entries to the X-AIM controller layout and you are ready to go!
When running X-AIM and Capture Mode, make sure you have any other programs closed down, especially web browsers such as Firefox, as this may cause lag. You want the signal between your Keyboard and Mouse to your console to be as clean as possible.

Direct Input and Game Controller Settings
Direct Input Menu
 This menu contains a set of operations related to Direct Input, as following:
Enabled: Enable/Disable Direct Input. If enabled the commands performed on the game controller will be forwarded to the console. This operation can also be performed through keyboard shortcut (F5).
DI Settings: Open the Direct Input Game Controller settings window.
Game Controller Selection
This enumerates all game controllers available in your system. To activate a specific controller, click on the dropdown box and select it. Most Xbox controllers will give you two options, DirectInput (It will just say Controller) and XInput Controller. XInput is the new input standard for Xbox and is highly recommended.
This primarily works with Xbox 360 controllers. It should be noted that there is an XInput bug/issue with Xbox One rumble where there's quite a large lag. This is a known Microsoft bug and we can't fix it until they do.

Your last selection will be automatically saved and the controller can be used any time, as far it stays connected to your computer.
Enable/Disable the Rumble/Vibrate of the Direct Input Controller. This option is only available when the XInput controller option is selected.
Game Controller Entries
All available entries of a Direct Input controller are shown in this panel. Note, this is a generic structure and not all entries will be active for your controller. Use this panel to test your game controller and to check the association of a specific controller entry to its label. For example, on Driving Force GT the lX represents the steering wheel, where negative values means "turn left" and positive values "turn right". The lY is used for the pedals, the Button 10 is the Start button and so on.
Set the deadzone of the analog sticks. Useful to use the DirectInput/XInput controller concurrently with the controller connected to the CronusMAX PLUS. This is primarily used to reduce the impact of stick drift. That's when the controller goes +/- 20 or above when in neutral.
OK & Cancel Buttons
The OK button will save your controller selection and close the window. The Cancel button will close the window without saving any changes