Finding USB Hub Port Numbers

Finding USB Hub Port Numbers
On some USB Hubs the ports are not located in the same physical order which they are electronically, as you can see in the picture above where we have highlighted the port numbers manually (they won't be labeled like this on most USB Hubs, and even if they are, with the exception of the Official CronusMAX PLUS USB 2.0 Hub, don't trust them - use this guide to be sure of what they are as it's VERY important).
Fortunately, Microsoft made a free tool called USB VIEW for Windows, which you can use to quickly and easily discover the port number assignments on your usb hub.  Click here to download USB VIEW.

Download and Extract USB View
  • Click here to download USB VIEW.
  • Locate usbview.zip in Windows and right click on the file to open the context menu.
  • Click Extract All.. and a wizard will open to guide you through the extraction process
  • Click Extract.  Windows will extract the executable file from the archive and then display it in a new window.
  • Double click on usbview.exe to run the program.

Connect the USB Hub to your PC
Connect the USB Hub to any free USB port on your PC.

Connect a USB device to your HUB
Connect any USB device to a port on your HUB which is unique so it is easy to find i.e. an Xbox 360 controller.

Locate the device
If you have not already done so, load usbview.exe by double clicking on the file.
In the left hand window, scroll down the tree and locate the device you plugged in to your USB hub.  In this example, we are using and Xbox 360 controller.
The tree list will show you the electronic order of the USB ports on your hub.  In this example, we have connected an Xbox 360 controller to the first physical port on the left of the hub which in this case is actually port number 2.
Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for each port on your HUB until you have checked them all.  You can label your ports at this point for future reference.
Once you know which ports are which, you are now ready to connect the hub to your CronusMAX PLUS.  For guides on setting up your controllers, please see this section of the manual.