Logitech G27 Button Layout

The PS4 Wheel Edition emulates a Logitech G29. This is how the G29 buttons are mapped to a Logitech G27.
Note 1: L4 L5 and R4 R5 do not exist on a G29 wheel - so we have mapped the outputs to the G29 Dial (clockwise and counter-clockwise) and G29 Rocker +/-.
Note 2: L3 + R3 pressed together emulates the PS button.
Note 3: All the standard controller buttons have been mapped to the G27 Shifter and Wheel Paddles so you can navigate the PS4 XMB without having to use a DualShock 4.
This is the layout of the Logitech G29. Note the Rocker and Dial (which is mapped to L4/L5 and R4/R5 on the G27)
Here's an overlay sticker for the G25 / G27 shifter that I designed. Simply save the image file (click on it for the full sized version then right click + Save image as...) and print it to size and place on the shifter plate.