Online Library

Online Library
Script Info
The GPC script information describes what the script does, we recommend the authors be very precise when giving names and describing your scripts. The user should be able to know if the script was made for a specific game, what it does and how to operate it. With each script you can see when the script was released, how many times it was downloaded, and the rating from our community. The announcement topic also links to the support page for the script on our community forums where users can post bugs and suggestions.
1. Script Info
The download button will open the correspondent GPC script in the Compiler editor, so you can check and test the script before programming it to your CronusMAX PLUS.
2. Download
Script Sorting
Change the sort order of the current GPC script list by "Recent Updated", "Rating", "Downloads", "Name" or "Author". This makes easier for you to see the most relevant GPC scripts based on your chosen criteria.
3. Script Sorting
Script Navigation
The list of GPC scripts shows up to 10 scripts per page, the navigation controls are used for traveling through the available pages. By using the buttons you can go to the next or previous pages, and on the dropdown box you can jump to any available page in the current search criteria.
4. Script Navigation
Search Box
The search box is used to allow users to enter a query to be submitted to the Online Library server where GPC script database is queried for entries that contain one or more of the user's keywords. This is a useful tool to search for scripts developed for a specific game, author or with some desired functionality.
5. Search Box
6. Categories
The author of a GPC script can select one or more categories for each published script. This allows the users to search for scripts in a specific category.
All available categories are listed in this list, clicking on the category name will show the related scripts.
Community Links
7. Community Links
Community links for:
  • Manage your published Scripts (Link)
  • CronusMAX Support Forums (Link)
  • CronusMAX Facebook Page (Link)
  • CronusMAX Twitter Page (Link)
  • CronusMAX YouTube Page (Link)