Connecting the CronusMAX PLUS to your computer via the PC PROG port.
The PC PROG USB port is the communication interface between the Cronus PRO software and the CronusMAX PLUS. It is used for programming, monitoring and testing as well as more advanced uses such as debugging scripts. It's also used for firmware updates, device settings and so on. Once the device has been programmed/updated you can simply unplug the USB cable and it is ready to hookup to your desired gaming machine (unless you are using Mouse and Keyboard or the X-AIM plugin). When the CronusMAX PLUS is plugged in for the first time using the supplied Mini-USB cable, the Windows operating system will automatically install drivers for it. You do not need to manually install any drivers for CronusMAX PLUS, it's all done automatically by Windows.
Some USB 3.0 ports are not compatible. If you have any communication problems between Cronus Pro and CronusMAX then we recommend that you use a USB 2.0 port (or lower).