Wiimote and Extensions

Connecting to a PlayStation TV

Connecting to a PlayStation TV
Set Output Protocol
Follow the instructions here to correctly connect your CronusMAX PLUS to a PC via the PC PROG port using the supplied Mini-USB Cable.
Load Cronus PRO and go to Tools > Options > Device
Set the Output Protocol to PS3.
These are also the recommended default Speed Up Settings for Wiimote Controllers.
Enable Wiimote Bluetooth Searching
Check the box to the Left of 'Enable DualShock 4/Wiimote Bluetooth searching'.
The recommended Speed Up Settings when using a Wiimote with a Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter are as above - you can choose to tweak with them if you have any issues. If you have a slower Bluetooth adapter or experience any issues with rumble then you should try different 'Rumble Over Bluetooth' speed settings. You have the alternative options of Flow Control+, Flow Control and Disabled.
You can now close the Options window and disconnect your CronusMAX PLUS from your PC.
Connect the CronusMAX PLUS to your PlayStation TV
Connect the CronusMAX PLUS into one of your PlayStation TV USB ports via it's Output Port.
The CronusMAX PLUS LED Display will now show the spinning Standby animation.
Connect your Bluetooth USB adapter to the CronusMAX PLUS
Connect your Bluetooth USB adapter into the Input Port of the CronusMAX PLUS.
If you need to purchase a good quality Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter, our store supplies them at discounted rates - click here.
Sync your Wiimote with the CronusMAX PLUS
Hold down the 1 and 2 buttons as the same time. The LED on the controller should start blinking, meaning the it's trying to connect to the CronusMAX PLUS. Wait until only one LED remains. If the controller turns off hold down buttons 1 and 2 again.
 If after a few attempts your Wiimote still does not connect, try the sync button (red button on the back of controller).
Ready to Use
After a couple of seconds the display on the CronusMAX LED will go from the spinning Standby Animation to 0 (or a number if slot recall is enabled and a script was previously loaded) - indicating that the controllers are authorized and you're ready to play. At this point you can use your controller through the CronusMAX PLUS and also load any scripts or GamePacks. It's that simple!
Remember, you must use a compatible motion sensor bar for the Wiimote to work on your PlayStation TV - click here to buy one in our store. You will also need to load a script to correctly map all of the buttons and sensors. We highly recommend this one.
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices use the same radio frequencies to communicate, they often interfere with one another and are prone to interference from other devices operating on the same frequencies. If you are experiencing lag with your wireless controller, even though you have tried different Speed Up Settings in the Device Options panel, there is a good chance you have a WiFi Router that is causing interference. We have found that routers such as Apple's Airport Express have this problem and you should make sure that the router is not in close proximity to your CronusMAX/Bluetooth Adapter. You should also try changing the WiFi Router Channel to optimize your wireless signal. Click Here for more information on how to do that.

We also recommend that you Click Here to check out an article that looks at the effects of such interference, what causes it and how to reduce it in a home or office environment.

OPTIONAL: Disable Wiimote Bluetooth Searching
If you do not intend to use your Wiimote controller without the CronusMAX PLUS in the future, you can now disable Wiimote Bluetooth searching to speed up subsequent wireless syncing.