Run thousands of possible MOD combinations on your favorite controller without any expensive chips or soldering. Choose from a huge selection of custom GamePacks which include a selection of premium MODs, selected and compiled compiled by expert gamers in the Cronus Community. 



Loading up the latest MODs for your favorite game has never been easier. Simply scroll through the huge selection of GamePacks, select your favorite game, then drag and drop on to one of the eight available memory slots.

Zen has been designed to give expert features to all gamers, no matter the skill level.



All GamePacks have MODs that can be tuned and customized to your preference without any scripting or programming knowledge. Game MOD configuration is now made more accessible than ever before with the new GCI (GamePack Configuration Interface).

The GCI pops up as soon as you drag and drop a GamePack into an available memory slot, or simply click the Memory Slot number for fast access.




Convert semi-automatic weapons into fully-automatic weapons. Set custom rate of fire speeds.


Reduce recoil on almost any weapon to give dead-center accuracy. One of the best MODs available.


Aim Assist snaps you towards the target if you’re close to it, keeping you on target.


Jitter takes advantage of a glitch in some games allowing weapons to shoot insanely fast.


Drop to the ground in prone position automatically each time you fire your weapon.


Aim with better precision while your game character holds its breath automatically.


You don’t need to constantly hit the thumbstick to make your character sprint.


Be ready to unload a clip while your opponent is still reloading at normal speed.


Zoom in or aim down the sights of a sniper rifle, then firing automatically immediately after.

The table below is the current library of Cronus Zen GamePacks – all available to download free of charge in Zen Studio.

Last Update: 12th October 2021

ARK: Survival EvolvedXBL Jedi1.12021/09/27
Destiny 2: Season of the LostXBL Jedi2.82021/08/28
Mods For BeginnersCommunity GP Team1.62021/08/28
MLB The Show 21Collective Minds1.0.32021/08/23
Call of Duty: Warzone EssentialsCollective Minds1.1.32021/09/27
Call of Duty: Warzone - Season SixCommunity GP Team4.62021/10/11
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Season FiveCommunity GP Team3.12021/09/11
Apex Legends: Season 10Community GP Team4.72021/09/27
Grand Theft Auto VCommunity GP Team1.12021/08/01
FIFA 21 - Right Stick SkillsExcalibur2.42021/09/16
Rust (Console Edition)XBL Jedi1.12021/10/02
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Season SixCommunity GP Team2.92021/06/24
MLB The Show 21LegitCloudzzz1.22021/06/24
NHL 21LegitCloudzzz1.02021/06/14
Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 7LegitCloudzzz2.32021/06/12
NBA 2K21 - Crossgen EditionCommunity NBA 2K Team1.22021/06/12
Hood: Outlaws & LegendsXBL Jedi1.02021/06/08
Mortal Kombat 11 - Character Pack 1LegitCloudzzz1.22021/06/05
Mortal Kombat 11 - Character Pack 2LegitCloudzzz1.12021/06/04
Mortal Kombat 11 - Character Pack 3LegitCloudzzz1.02021/06/04
NBA 2K21Collective Minds1.0.02021/06/02
Assassin's Creed ValhallaXBL Jedi1.02021/05/31
FIFA 21 - Elite SkillsExcalibur1.72021/05/20
FIFA 21 - Instant SkillsExcalibur1.92021/05/20
Resident Evil VillageXBL Jedi1.02021/05/19
Zombie Army 4LegitCloudzzz1.02021/05/19
Cyberpunk 2077LegitCloudzzz1.02021/05/13
OutridersXBL Jedi1.12021/05/13
The Outer Worlds - Peril on GorgonXBL Jedi1.22021/05/03
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3Community GP Team1.02021/04/30
Total RecoilLegitCloudzzz1.12021/04/28
Tom Clancy's The Division 2Community GP Team1.22021/04/07
Tom Clancy's The DivisionCommunity GP Team1.22021/04/07
Rogue Company: Season 3x22 DOT1.22021/09/27
Rainbow Six Siegex22 DOT1.42021/03/30
Call of Duty: ClassicsCommunity GP Team1.02021/03/26
Doom EternalXBL Jedi1.02021/03/26
The Last of UsCommunity GP Team1.12021/03/01
FPS MasterCommunity GP Team3.62021/02/26
The Last of Us Part IIXBL Jedi1.02021/02/26
Resident Evil 7: BiohazardCommunity GP Team1.02021/02/17
Apex LegendsCollective Minds1.3.52021/02/11
Battlefield Vx22 DOT2.12021/01/22
Pong (LED Game)MajestikMoose1.0.02021/01/21
Call of Duty: WarzoneCollective Minds1.7.02021/01/21
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War ZombiesCommunity GP Team1.32021/10/04
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold WarCollective Minds1.1.02021/01/19
Pokemon Sword & Shield +Collective Minds1.0.32021/01/19
Pokemon Sword & ShieldCollective Minds1.0.32021/01/19
Turbo MAXExcalibur1.12021/01/15
Far Cry PrimalCommunity GP Team1.02021/01/10
Far Cry 4Community GP Team1.02021/01/10
Far Cry 5Community GP Team1.02021/01/10
Wolfenstein II: The New ColossusCommunity GP Team1.02021/01/10
Wolfenstein: The New OrderCommunity GP Team1.02021/01/10
Gears 5Community GP Team1.02020/12/14
Battlefield: Shotgun Bonanzax22 DOT1.12020/12/08
Borderlands 3x22 DOT1.32020/12/08
Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareCommunity GP Team1.02020/12/08
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4x22 DOT1.42020/12/08
Call of Duty: Infinite WarfareCommunity GP Team1.52020/12/08
Call of Duty: WWIIx22 DOT1.12020/12/08
Battlefield 1x22 DOT1.52020/12/07
Battlefield 4x22 DOT1.52020/12/07
PUBGCommunity GP Team1.42020/12/01
Star Wars: SquadronsXBL Jedi1.02020/11/19
Crysis Remasteredx22 DOT1.02020/11/05
Battlefield 3Community GP Team1.12020/11/03
Advanced ActionCollective Minds1.0.02020/10/30
Battlefield HardlineCommunity GP Team1.22020/10/29
Batman: Arkham KnightCommunity GP Team1.12020/10/19
Need For Speed Heatx22 DOT1.02020/10/13
Snake (LED Game)MajestikMoose1.0.02020/09/30
FortniteCollective Minds1.0.32020/09/15
Need For Speed PaybackCommunity GP Team1.02020/09/14
NBA 2K21 - VC GeneratorBatts1.22020/09/13
Animal Crossing: New HorizonsCollective Minds1.0.22020/09/11
Red Dead Redemption IICommunity GP Team1.12020/08/30
Star Wars Battlefront IICommunity GP Team1.32020/08/30
Star Wars Jedi Fallen OrderCommunity GP Team1.12020/08/30
Warfacex22 DOT1.22020/08/30
H1Z1 Battle Royalex22 DOT1.02020/08/29
Hyper ScapeLegitCloudzzz1.02020/08/29
AnthemCommunity GP Team1.02020/08/04
Monster Hunter World: IceborneCommunity GP Team1.02020/08/04
The Elder Scrolls OnlineCommunity GP Team1.02020/08/04
Warface: Breakoutx22 DOT1.02020/08/04
FIFA 20 - Instant SkillsExcalibur1.52020/06/28
Call of Duty: Vanguard (Beta)Community GP Team1.1 Beta2021/09/19
Halo: The Master Chief CollectionCommunity GP Team1.02021/09/20
NBA 2K22 Xbox Series VC GeneratorCollective Minds1.0.12021/10/08
NBA 2K22Community NBA 2K Team1.12021/10/04
Apex Legends EssentialsCollective Minds1.0.02021/09/22
Aliens: Fireteam EliteXBL Jedi1.02021/09/27